Monday, May 16, 2011

5 reasons why BIG brands are using social media and wasting marketing dollars

Lenai Stewart's two cents....

What's interesting is these BIG brands came online looking to use social media to increase sales, and instead of going to the networkers that have been here and are successful. They are now hiring social media consultants?

When in Rome do as the Romans do... Not sure if they are ready to change their definition of branding, but I think Jonathan Salem Baskin is on to something.

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5 reasons social media is a waste of marketing dollars

Article Highlights:

  • Don't assume that consumers who have clicked on a Facebook page are friends of a brand, let alone participants in a community
  • Brands don't exist, at least not like rocks or tax returns; brands are ideas
  • Businesses exist to sell things; it's a simple, inescapable fact, so don't pretend otherwise
Dangerous assumptions

Before you leap to defend social media, consider the very real possibility that these brands are using it in the wrong way. Maybe our assumptions about the tools are just flat out wrong. In this article, I'll explore five core concepts that could hobble social media marketing and should be reconsidered, if not replaced entirely.


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