Sunday, May 8, 2011

How To Create A BonFIRE of Customers Around What You Sell

It never cost me a dime to build relationships on social media sites with other business owners. I mean my total friends on FACEBOOK is over 4,857 (the last count). I saw an opportunity to not only connect, but to acquire knowledge about what is working for them and what is not working in their business.

I mean why try to figure it all out by myself, I mean if you look at it realistically, if you add up your current experience then combined it with the experience of others that you are connected to on social sites. Most would see that you have knowledge right at your fingertips for FREE.

I think it's one of the most missed opportunities in the social media business building craze. I flocked to the internet 4 years ago, believing that it would be easy peasy to build my business. Just point them to the online presentation, allow them to see the vision and that's it. But for myself, and many others it just wasn't quite that easy.

But what I did learn in the relationships I did make,was there are many smart folks out there who know quite a bit about online and offline marketing.

And it has been one of the most rewarding parts about building my business while using the social media platform. Not only do I have an excellent training program that builds leaders and branding, but I also have the opportunity to mingle with success minded individuals who have been around the block for awhile and love to share the knowledge they acquired.

I would suggest to any marketer using social media sites to build their business, to stop trying to put everyone in your business. What! Yes slow down a bit. You will retain a better percentage of your team when you decide to use attraction marketing to attract those that are looking for you. I was originally trained in my previous MLM to recruit anyone and everyone and for a long time I did. But that method is so outdated and antiquated, and history shows that using this method only breeds frustration for you the business owner.

Emailing those within social sites with your link to your business presentation, is not what's going to take you to full time income. You may find some temporary success or even a small percentage of people to follow you. But for the long term building my business in that fashion, was not going to bring me the security or freedom I was looking for.

When I provided training and service to those around me, getting my phone to ring became the norm. Social media marketing does work when we decide to give first to receive. For those who emailed me their links to their business presentation without building a relationship with me. I encourage you to consider your long term vision and make that decision today to break free. But first everything starts with your mindset plus your intention to be of more value to more people.

It works... Much Success to you
Lenai Stewart/World Changer/Goddess/Freedom Fighter...

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