How you Leverage Your TIME IN Biz is Everything!

How much TIME do you really have to build your business each month?

For me as a single parent I needed to find away to leverage my time
between everything ELSE that had to get done.

There was just no way around the fact that I needed to be everywhere
and nowhere at once.

And that is where the POWER of becoming a student of marketing comes from.

I wanted to build a business, that works for me even when I am not
sitting in front of the computer.

I needed to be able to take care of my family, make sure my daily errands
where done and let's not forget about household chores.

I believe it's one of the reasons IBOSOCIAL is becoming so popular
since the system actually lets business owners leverage their
time by submitting your content to search engines on your behalf.

But no matter what tool is created, there are a handful of folks
that STILL FEEL time is not on their side.

You know I could look at this as an excuse, and sometimes
they are really just that an excuse with a capital E

But as a business owner, looking to build a SOLID business
I had to find something for that market..

Not because I was catering to their EXCUSE game, but because

I knew that if they learned how to market and I let them hang

out in my mastermind community there was a hugh potential

that they would SEE the light at the end of their tunnel.

All I needed was a little more TIME with them..

Sometimes to go slow is to go fast, lesson taught to me
and what that means is if you take your time with people
and don't IMPULSE them you will find that they can change.

I mean ask yourself "Do You like to be Impulsed?"

I always remember the first time I saw the HIGH failure rate 97%

WOW I thought to myself

But you know what 5 years later it's not really that big of an issue
once you study why people are failing, then provide them with a

My mentor shared with me a belief that he used to build a
HUGH million dollar business.

He said "If you build the people, the people will build the business"

It's just a different perspective to have while you are building your business
and once your phone starts ringing, you want to have something to offer.

I already knew what their challenges would be, so I was prepared when they

I come from a perspective,if I do this RIGHT the first time and I create a list
of people that I served. Then searching around LOOKING for people
to join my business, now has became them LOOKING for me.

Isn't that what Attraction Marketing is REALLY ALL About?

Again how much time do you have to build your business?

Wouldn't you prefer to have eager folks who are READY to
get started contacting you?

Just think about the email newsletters you are currently subscribed to,
I' m tallking about that special newsletter where you would never hit the

List the reasons why you won't unsubscribe then begin to review your
business. And make those changes!

Leverage the Power of networks that share your content...

Get Prepared before the people come, so you have a marketing system
that they can use to be successful..

It works..

Once I let them know I am here to SERVE, not BE SERVED I earned
their TRUST and that's most of the battle..

Lenai Stewart/Freedom Fighter/Divapreneur

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