Monday, May 16, 2011

Success is in the Ingredients not the Main Dish

I have been very fortunate to know what it feels like to do something that I loved to do.
And I actually had this experience within a 9-5 job teaching a communication program...
that was years ago... But I never forgot how much joy it bought me..

And its the main reason why I work my business from home...the same exact feeling..
And when you locate that feeling you will do everything you can
to keep it in your life...

As you know when you are doing what you love it just comes so naturally

Some may think well I love what I'm doing, but why isn't it going the way I planned..

Sometimes it's you that's actually blocking the flow.

You don't need another program...

You don't need to be in the RIGHT place at the right time...

You don't need to believe you have failed...

Listen we all do it.

We get impatient
We take matters into our own hands
We grow weary from anticipation of what to come
or even worse try to FORCE what we want to happen....

It's in these times when we need to tune within to seek
insight on what and who to BE...

So at times it has nothing to do with
the fact that you don't Love it..or that it isn't going to work..

It has more to do with you not allowing success to organize around you..

So if you got a dream that you are waiting to come TRUE..

Know that it can, once you get out of your own way..

And allow circumstances,people and things to come into your life
And when they come you MUST more value on the little stuff first...

Because the little stuff comes before the BIG stuff...

Just think of all the ingredients that are used to cook your favorite dish..

If one ingredient gets left out, what could happen to your dish?

Will it actually taste the same now that you left out one ingredient?

What about if you leave out TWO ingredients?

It's the same process with success..

It's just away to be & perceive the world
around you... most of all it's the journey that counts..

Document your journey
Share it with others on your way...

You may be able to bring a few out with YOU...

It's were the diligent prevail in the end...

Stay thirsty my Friend
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Lenai Stewart