Tuesday, May 10, 2011

War Story Revealed How to Lose the Goo Goo ga ga Emotion in your Biz

Do you know what happens when you make a decision in your business that it's okay if everyone does not fall goo goo ga ga over your business? LOL

You set yourself FREE to keep pursuing your dream

You get over the FEAR of rejection

And Most of ALL you learn to not take it personal...it's just business

I'm giggling to myself right now as I write because I can always tell when someone just got started building a business. Usually by the way they conduct themselves on social media sites, like almost every status update has tons of exclamation points and lots of capital letters.. SCREAMING how excited they are, how great the company is and that's cool. But remember some may look at your business and not have the same feeling as you...

Plus, I've found that the people you really are looking for, are dire hards, who want to build a successful business from home so that they are here 10 years from now. And these folks who will actually work the business pick up the phone, write ads, are consistent, show up for webinars and training, ask for coaching and are consistent with their blog content or whatever they are doing. They may have a slow day here or there but if you show them how to set their business up in away that it's working for them even when they are not infront of the computer they will thank you for it BIG time.

I never forget the day my uncle introduced me to my first MLM. I know it doesn't surprise you since it was a family member that told me he had a way for my family to travel for pennies on the dollar... Most are still being taught this method...

And when I saw that presentation with the money flying all over the screen, I just knew I hit JACKPOT.

So 5 years ago I signed up filled with HOPE & joy because I knew I just bought my ticket to FREEDOM.. I told all my friends to take a look at what I found, just for the record some don't even talk to me anymore because they think I jumped off the DEEP end. LOL

It's cool really it is.. I didn't know any better, I just did what they told me to do. I held the travel parties,set up booths at seminars I mean the whole bit. I can't even count the number of travel vouchers I gave away... Jeez!

I know that now when I look back my child like faith has been my best asset because after prospecting all my friends and family which only turned into a HUGH failure I am still here. Yes, a few did come in, then I was left with the PRESSURE of delivering exactly what the presentation told my grandmother she would receive. (smile) Plus, I don't know about you but some of my family members wanted a HOOK UP if you know what I mean.

Like I pay half and you pay the other... LIKE OMG! I was already broke when I started so that wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

I had to bite the BULLET and become a student of marketing and human behavior which has paid off BIG TIME. I studied marketing funnels, built my own marketing funnels, went to seminars, read books on business and read autobiographies on successful people. I mean sometimes you just have to put your whole FOOT into it.

I mean if you think about it what business or what franchise that you know of opens for business and just has their friends and family shopping there. NONE! I mean they may help run the business or frequent there occasionally but to expect them to be your main customers is just silly.

I mean I coined the phrase common sense is not always common practice after my MLM War story....

Really quick you made the RIGHT decision to build your own economy..

And prospecting your friends and family well let's just say there is a BETTER way
to get them involved

And you can get strangers to love to like you, and trust you enough to buy your stuff.

It has worked for me, and many others who learned the code of success by any means necessary.

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Lenai Stewart/World Changer/Divapreneur/FreedomFighter

"If you can lose the opinions of a few, you can often gain the village"