Sunday, May 15, 2011

What Happen to A Little Romance Before the Buy Now?

What not to do when you join a Social Site?

It's been 5 years online, and I tell you what, I have about seen it all.. Not everything but enough to know what not to do when I first meet someone online.

On IBO social along I have over 200 associates last time I checked. And the main goal for this site was to foster relationships. And that won't happen if the first time you meet someone here you inbox them your link to YOUR deal. (smile)

Now I have been able to conduct business with a few select individuals YOU know who you are.. These guys and gals where REAL business owners..

Ready to share what they know, and Keep IT REAL.

And there were quite a few who well let's just say put themselves FIRST..

Whatever happen to a little romance before the date?

Listen this quick approach technique may work for a bit, but it will NEVER bring in the MOOLA that you are looking for.

When I first came online, I didn't know anything about marketing so I followed the HERD and became a LINK PUSHER..

I love to share what I know works, and doesn't work. And LINK PUSHING is probably the biggest NO NO out.

For those that are new to network marketing take a look at those who have created a blog, capture page or presentation of their business. These entrepreneurs have taken the time out to serve you, and not impulse you.

It's a clear SIGN of what your future will be like if you decide to connect with that person for more information or to get started.

Most will have an autoresponder system set up where they will allow you to SELL yourself.

I have heard so many war stories from folks, who got scammed or feel like they were mislead in some way.

Did you see the SIGNS before you joined? Take your time to do the research...

Most skilled marketers who have a LEGIT business will always lead with FREE or a lost cost item under 20 bucks so you can test drive the product.

I have several blogs Packed full of training by me or by reputable business owners that I know will not disappear after you decide to do business with them.

I know that most by the time they find an opportunity to change their life, they come into network marketing with the perception of I need to make money quick.

Well just keep in mind your character online is probably more important than it is at your 9-5. Here people won't forget and they spread the Word quickly.

Especially with all this SHARE buttons available online now (smile)

To those I met here thank you for your time....

Lenai Stewart/Divapreneur/WorldChanger/Freedom Fighter