Thursday, June 23, 2011

How to prepare for a social media thrashing

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How to prepare for a social media thrashing

The third step is to simply know the consumer. Serve as a "listener" in social conversations and respond and employ proactive social support as needed: Address issues before they grow out of control. Also, identify key brand advocates who will be there to provide invaluable support in the event of a crisis.

Secondly, marketers must generate a new social mindset within the organization -- one that's characterized by transparency, accountability, and employee empowerment. While technology is a crucial component of dealing with crisis communication, preparing processes and practices must come first.

To start, an understanding of the organization is crucial. Marketers must review the corporate culture and all external communication processes and social capabilities. Scenario planning is an extremely handy tool to initiate this process with the key question being: How to respond if a vocal customer complaint suddenly went viral?

The threat of brandjacking has made it imperative to implement the proper social tools and effective outbound communications efforts to help combat negative opinion tarnishing a brand online. With respect to effective communications, there are five critical steps for marketers to prepare for a potential brandjacking crisis.

Once these steps are achieved, form a cross-functional social crisis team that includes a social media manager, a product owner, and at least one executive sponsor. Clarify roles for each team member and create an internal collaboration space for the team. A successful social strategy must cross the boundaries of department and hierarchy because consumers expect a seamless experience.