Monday, June 6, 2011

Why Marketing Hurts Your Growth and What To Do About IT

Human nature will always rule when it comes to business, Awesome post check it out when you can

Why Marketing Hurts Your Growth and What to Do About It

Where’s Your Focus?

The one thing that remains constant is people. I’m talking about you, your peers, your customers, your prospects and your partners. Yes, they might jump to the competition, but at their core they don’t really change.

peopleEveryone wants access to valuable insight, great people and recognition BEFORE they want products or services. If you can focus on the true desires of people, you’re halfway to a successful mission.

Where’s your focus? Are you focused on yourself, your products and your company? Or are you looking outward?


Why Marketing Fails

fishWe’ve been treating people like fish. We’ve been taught to simply crawl into a boat, paddle out to where the customers are, grab our reel and cast out on top of customers. Then just jiggle that bait the right way and you’ll be able to force a customer into your boat!