Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Your Right To Just BE

In the Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles Chapt. 1
“The Right To be Rich” talks about society is so organized
that people must have money in order to become the possessor
of things. I always believed that God desires nothing more
than to give his children the desires of their heart. And since
HE is the Only Source that can provide my wants or needs.
Becoming Rich would bring HIM honor so that he could
express more of himself through me.

I never believed what I wanted was a dream or not possible
even when loved ones didn’t support me. It’s one of the many
reasons why M3 is such a positive influence on it’s members
since we are validating that mankind is suppose to express a
desire for their wants or needs. It’s just God knocking at the
door wanting to express more of HIMself.

I believe that the traditional upbringing that I was taught was
created by society aka Man Made Laws.
Later on in life I went to college after being in the workforce
for awhile, just to be able to say on paper I had a college degree.
OH boy! I ended up creating $18,000 in debt in student
loans pursuing what society states is the way for advancement
in life for all. I had found success at the workforce without a
college education, through diligence & faith.

Studying the Greats before me we find that they were an
average lot that were able to achieved great advancement
in life not following what society presented as the traditional
way to be successful in life.

Million Mind March will continue to influence & provide the
atmosphere for ALL to fight for what they see in their heads.
It doesn’t matter what society says as law, what matters is what
you personally believe and decide to live your life fighting to
prove that IS truth.

One of the mottos at Million Mind March is “What you argue
for you get to keep” If you argue against prosperity then you
Get to keep that. Poverty, a slave to the time clock, debt &
the forfeit of your God Given Birth Right for more life.

March with Million Mind March while we argue for prosperity
& abundance and our Birth Right.

Be Blessed
Lenai Stewart
Aka Beautyinside : )

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