Thursday, May 26, 2011

More Interest Based Social Networks

I checked out a few of the sites. come grub with us was really cool, they didn't have any yet in my town but I think he is on to something..

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5 trends that could take down Facebook

It's hard to argue Facebook's momentum. We are talking about a company that has over 500 million active users, was valued by Goldman Sachs at $50 billion in January 2011 (and $75 billion by secondary markets in March 2011), and is so popular that Hollywood made an Oscar-winning movie about its beginnings. You are also talking about a platform where every month, more than 250 million people engage on external websites, with 80 of comScore's U.S. Top 100 websites having integrated with Facebook.

Creation of vertical, interest based networks
The very thing that led to Facebook's growth (a standardized and unified experience) could also prove to be a kink in its armor. Gautam Gupta from General Catalyst Partners pointed out to me that "Facebook's market share of time spent on web is driven by the utility it provides to consumers as a social network." This broad social network will continue to have its place, but people are increasingly being drawn to vertical and interest based networks to meet specific needs.


Friday, May 20, 2011

The 8 Items on a Leaders To Do List

John Maxwell on why Talent is Never Enough... I have read several of his books have yet to pick this one up yet... Good reference point for people to gage their process with.. enjoy

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The 8 Items on a Leader's To-Do List

John C. Maxwell says leadership is just as much about developing your team's talents as it is about nurturing your own leadership skills. The best-selling author of Talent Is Never Enough reminds us that growth is modeled after and expected from leaders. As a successful leader, you must do eight things.

1. Find your own personal strength zone.

A successful leader is a person who knows what they do well and does it, but they also know what their people know well and help them practice it.

2. Help others find their strength zone.
What is their special ability? You can't make others good at something you are bad at. You can only increase a person's giftedness by helping them answer important questions of themselves. What is their temperament? What is their passion? What choices are they making in their life? Help them with these things and there's no limit to how much someone can improve in these areas.

3. Help them define success.
Success is hugely subjective. Knowing your purpose in life, growing to your maximum potential or sowing seeds that benefit others are all great definitions of success.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Success is in the Ingredients not the Main Dish

I have been very fortunate to know what it feels like to do something that I loved to do.
And I actually had this experience within a 9-5 job teaching a communication program...
that was years ago... But I never forgot how much joy it bought me..

And its the main reason why I work my business from home...the same exact feeling..
And when you locate that feeling you will do everything you can
to keep it in your life...

As you know when you are doing what you love it just comes so naturally

Some may think well I love what I'm doing, but why isn't it going the way I planned..

Sometimes it's you that's actually blocking the flow.

You don't need another program...

You don't need to be in the RIGHT place at the right time...

You don't need to believe you have failed...

Listen we all do it.

We get impatient
We take matters into our own hands
We grow weary from anticipation of what to come
or even worse try to FORCE what we want to happen....

It's in these times when we need to tune within to seek
insight on what and who to BE...

So at times it has nothing to do with
the fact that you don't Love it..or that it isn't going to work..

It has more to do with you not allowing success to organize around you..

So if you got a dream that you are waiting to come TRUE..

Know that it can, once you get out of your own way..

And allow circumstances,people and things to come into your life
And when they come you MUST more value on the little stuff first...

Because the little stuff comes before the BIG stuff...

Just think of all the ingredients that are used to cook your favorite dish..

If one ingredient gets left out, what could happen to your dish?

Will it actually taste the same now that you left out one ingredient?

What about if you leave out TWO ingredients?

It's the same process with success..

It's just away to be & perceive the world
around you... most of all it's the journey that counts..

Document your journey
Share it with others on your way...

You may be able to bring a few out with YOU...

It's were the diligent prevail in the end...

Stay thirsty my Friend
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Lenai Stewart

5 reasons why BIG brands are using social media and wasting marketing dollars

Lenai Stewart's two cents....

What's interesting is these BIG brands came online looking to use social media to increase sales, and instead of going to the networkers that have been here and are successful. They are now hiring social media consultants?

When in Rome do as the Romans do... Not sure if they are ready to change their definition of branding, but I think Jonathan Salem Baskin is on to something.

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5 reasons social media is a waste of marketing dollars

Article Highlights:

  • Don't assume that consumers who have clicked on a Facebook page are friends of a brand, let alone participants in a community
  • Brands don't exist, at least not like rocks or tax returns; brands are ideas
  • Businesses exist to sell things; it's a simple, inescapable fact, so don't pretend otherwise
Dangerous assumptions

Before you leap to defend social media, consider the very real possibility that these brands are using it in the wrong way. Maybe our assumptions about the tools are just flat out wrong. In this article, I'll explore five core concepts that could hobble social media marketing and should be reconsidered, if not replaced entirely.


Social Media Tips for Small businesses

6 points listed great content.. I love step 3 so true it's going to be more about relationships than anything else going forward

With social media since alot of it is FREE, people are jumping on the chance to market but forgetting to put the customer wants as first priority.. Check it out...

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Nellie Akalp is CEO of, her second incorporation filing service based on her strong passion to assist small business owners and entrepreneurs in starting and protecting their business. She has formed more than 100,000 corporations and LLCs across the U.S. To learn more about Nellie and see how she can help your business get off the ground quickly and affordably, please visit here.
smb woman image

Many small business owners I encounter are either too busy for social media, or they don’t truly understand Facebook, Foursquare, or Twitter. So they choose to delegate these tools to interns or specialists. This may not always be in the best interest of the company.

3. Don’t Measure Success by Follower Counts

Starbucks has more than 1.3 million followers on Twitter. You probably don’t, and that’s OK. As a small business, you shouldn’t get caught up in the numbers game or try to keep up with the big brands. Growing your community is important, but you should be focused on who’s engaging with you and at what levels. I know it’s tempting to pay a service to deliver thousands of followers literally overnight. However, in the long run it’s more important to have a devoted, enthusiastic community. Be patient. It’s organic growth that matters. Things don’t (and won’t) happen overnight.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

What Happen to A Little Romance Before the Buy Now?

What not to do when you join a Social Site?

It's been 5 years online, and I tell you what, I have about seen it all.. Not everything but enough to know what not to do when I first meet someone online.

On IBO social along I have over 200 associates last time I checked. And the main goal for this site was to foster relationships. And that won't happen if the first time you meet someone here you inbox them your link to YOUR deal. (smile)

Now I have been able to conduct business with a few select individuals YOU know who you are.. These guys and gals where REAL business owners..

Ready to share what they know, and Keep IT REAL.

And there were quite a few who well let's just say put themselves FIRST..

Whatever happen to a little romance before the date?

Listen this quick approach technique may work for a bit, but it will NEVER bring in the MOOLA that you are looking for.

When I first came online, I didn't know anything about marketing so I followed the HERD and became a LINK PUSHER..

I love to share what I know works, and doesn't work. And LINK PUSHING is probably the biggest NO NO out.

For those that are new to network marketing take a look at those who have created a blog, capture page or presentation of their business. These entrepreneurs have taken the time out to serve you, and not impulse you.

It's a clear SIGN of what your future will be like if you decide to connect with that person for more information or to get started.

Most will have an autoresponder system set up where they will allow you to SELL yourself.

I have heard so many war stories from folks, who got scammed or feel like they were mislead in some way.

Did you see the SIGNS before you joined? Take your time to do the research...

Most skilled marketers who have a LEGIT business will always lead with FREE or a lost cost item under 20 bucks so you can test drive the product.

I have several blogs Packed full of training by me or by reputable business owners that I know will not disappear after you decide to do business with them.

I know that most by the time they find an opportunity to change their life, they come into network marketing with the perception of I need to make money quick.

Well just keep in mind your character online is probably more important than it is at your 9-5. Here people won't forget and they spread the Word quickly.

Especially with all this SHARE buttons available online now (smile)

To those I met here thank you for your time....

Lenai Stewart/Divapreneur/WorldChanger/Freedom Fighter

Thursday, May 12, 2011

How you Leverage Your TIME IN Biz is Everything!

How much TIME do you really have to build your business each month?

For me as a single parent I needed to find away to leverage my time
between everything ELSE that had to get done.

There was just no way around the fact that I needed to be everywhere
and nowhere at once.

And that is where the POWER of becoming a student of marketing comes from.

I wanted to build a business, that works for me even when I am not
sitting in front of the computer.

I needed to be able to take care of my family, make sure my daily errands
where done and let's not forget about household chores.

I believe it's one of the reasons IBOSOCIAL is becoming so popular
since the system actually lets business owners leverage their
time by submitting your content to search engines on your behalf.

But no matter what tool is created, there are a handful of folks
that STILL FEEL time is not on their side.

You know I could look at this as an excuse, and sometimes
they are really just that an excuse with a capital E

But as a business owner, looking to build a SOLID business
I had to find something for that market..

Not because I was catering to their EXCUSE game, but because

I knew that if they learned how to market and I let them hang

out in my mastermind community there was a hugh potential

that they would SEE the light at the end of their tunnel.

All I needed was a little more TIME with them..

Sometimes to go slow is to go fast, lesson taught to me
and what that means is if you take your time with people
and don't IMPULSE them you will find that they can change.

I mean ask yourself "Do You like to be Impulsed?"

I always remember the first time I saw the HIGH failure rate 97%

WOW I thought to myself

But you know what 5 years later it's not really that big of an issue
once you study why people are failing, then provide them with a

My mentor shared with me a belief that he used to build a
HUGH million dollar business.

He said "If you build the people, the people will build the business"

It's just a different perspective to have while you are building your business
and once your phone starts ringing, you want to have something to offer.

I already knew what their challenges would be, so I was prepared when they

I come from a perspective,if I do this RIGHT the first time and I create a list
of people that I served. Then searching around LOOKING for people
to join my business, now has became them LOOKING for me.

Isn't that what Attraction Marketing is REALLY ALL About?

Again how much time do you have to build your business?

Wouldn't you prefer to have eager folks who are READY to
get started contacting you?

Just think about the email newsletters you are currently subscribed to,
I' m tallking about that special newsletter where you would never hit the

List the reasons why you won't unsubscribe then begin to review your
business. And make those changes!

Leverage the Power of networks that share your content...

Get Prepared before the people come, so you have a marketing system
that they can use to be successful..

It works..

Once I let them know I am here to SERVE, not BE SERVED I earned
their TRUST and that's most of the battle..

Lenai Stewart/Freedom Fighter/Divapreneur

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Are Your Decision Making Muscles On The Flabby Side?

Are Your Decision Making Muscles On The Flabby Side?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

War Story Revealed How to Lose the Goo Goo ga ga Emotion in your Biz

Do you know what happens when you make a decision in your business that it's okay if everyone does not fall goo goo ga ga over your business? LOL

You set yourself FREE to keep pursuing your dream

You get over the FEAR of rejection

And Most of ALL you learn to not take it's just business

I'm giggling to myself right now as I write because I can always tell when someone just got started building a business. Usually by the way they conduct themselves on social media sites, like almost every status update has tons of exclamation points and lots of capital letters.. SCREAMING how excited they are, how great the company is and that's cool. But remember some may look at your business and not have the same feeling as you...

Plus, I've found that the people you really are looking for, are dire hards, who want to build a successful business from home so that they are here 10 years from now. And these folks who will actually work the business pick up the phone, write ads, are consistent, show up for webinars and training, ask for coaching and are consistent with their blog content or whatever they are doing. They may have a slow day here or there but if you show them how to set their business up in away that it's working for them even when they are not infront of the computer they will thank you for it BIG time.

I never forget the day my uncle introduced me to my first MLM. I know it doesn't surprise you since it was a family member that told me he had a way for my family to travel for pennies on the dollar... Most are still being taught this method...

And when I saw that presentation with the money flying all over the screen, I just knew I hit JACKPOT.

So 5 years ago I signed up filled with HOPE & joy because I knew I just bought my ticket to FREEDOM.. I told all my friends to take a look at what I found, just for the record some don't even talk to me anymore because they think I jumped off the DEEP end. LOL

It's cool really it is.. I didn't know any better, I just did what they told me to do. I held the travel parties,set up booths at seminars I mean the whole bit. I can't even count the number of travel vouchers I gave away... Jeez!

I know that now when I look back my child like faith has been my best asset because after prospecting all my friends and family which only turned into a HUGH failure I am still here. Yes, a few did come in, then I was left with the PRESSURE of delivering exactly what the presentation told my grandmother she would receive. (smile) Plus, I don't know about you but some of my family members wanted a HOOK UP if you know what I mean.

Like I pay half and you pay the other... LIKE OMG! I was already broke when I started so that wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

I had to bite the BULLET and become a student of marketing and human behavior which has paid off BIG TIME. I studied marketing funnels, built my own marketing funnels, went to seminars, read books on business and read autobiographies on successful people. I mean sometimes you just have to put your whole FOOT into it.

I mean if you think about it what business or what franchise that you know of opens for business and just has their friends and family shopping there. NONE! I mean they may help run the business or frequent there occasionally but to expect them to be your main customers is just silly.

I mean I coined the phrase common sense is not always common practice after my MLM War story....

Really quick you made the RIGHT decision to build your own economy..

And prospecting your friends and family well let's just say there is a BETTER way
to get them involved

And you can get strangers to love to like you, and trust you enough to buy your stuff.

It has worked for me, and many others who learned the code of success by any means necessary.

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Lenai Stewart/World Changer/Divapreneur/FreedomFighter

"If you can lose the opinions of a few, you can often gain the village"

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Why You Won't EVEN Make A Dime without MindSET Training

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for more informatin on how to get a copy
of this book..

In the subject field put Doership info please

Many excited people flock to the internet looking for answers to their questions on how to build a successful business from home.

Only to find that there is a wealth of information available at their fingertips and there is not just one way. Instead several different ways being offered with promises that this way is the way to the HOLY GRAIL...

I've seen alot of branding techniques, marketing methods,advertising promotions you name it, just about tried them ALL.

What I learned during the past 4 years is that you must find the way that works best for you. Plus, understand nothing is really achievable without me first having the mindset to make it work.

Ultimately I am the one who has to put it all together to find that perfect recipe that works for my business. And whenever someone decides to contact me for assistance I listen to what they are currently doing, then only offer what I know will take them to the next level.

What changed my business dramatically was being of MORE SERVICE to MORE people..

It was really that SIMPLE...

Remember your prospect is coming online looking for answers and the internet is filled with information. They may even have tried a few things, with no results and are now frustrated.

They are looking for someone who can help them sort things out..

Someone they can trust and know isn't just there to make a dollar off of them..

I keep that in mind all the time, it's why I don't promote everything under the SUN to my list.

Only what I know works..

Much success to you, remember be someone for somebody...

And what you give away for FREE you always get to keep...

Take Care
Lenai Stewart

P.S. I know someone will probably put my number in one of those auto dialers that I NEVER EVER respond to. But I make my number available just in case another real person is looking to connect with a REAL person. LOL...

Click Here Learn the Code of The Rich,And Stop the Insanity of the Broke

How To Create A BonFIRE of Customers Around What You Sell

It never cost me a dime to build relationships on social media sites with other business owners. I mean my total friends on FACEBOOK is over 4,857 (the last count). I saw an opportunity to not only connect, but to acquire knowledge about what is working for them and what is not working in their business.

I mean why try to figure it all out by myself, I mean if you look at it realistically, if you add up your current experience then combined it with the experience of others that you are connected to on social sites. Most would see that you have knowledge right at your fingertips for FREE.

I think it's one of the most missed opportunities in the social media business building craze. I flocked to the internet 4 years ago, believing that it would be easy peasy to build my business. Just point them to the online presentation, allow them to see the vision and that's it. But for myself, and many others it just wasn't quite that easy.

But what I did learn in the relationships I did make,was there are many smart folks out there who know quite a bit about online and offline marketing.

And it has been one of the most rewarding parts about building my business while using the social media platform. Not only do I have an excellent training program that builds leaders and branding, but I also have the opportunity to mingle with success minded individuals who have been around the block for awhile and love to share the knowledge they acquired.

I would suggest to any marketer using social media sites to build their business, to stop trying to put everyone in your business. What! Yes slow down a bit. You will retain a better percentage of your team when you decide to use attraction marketing to attract those that are looking for you. I was originally trained in my previous MLM to recruit anyone and everyone and for a long time I did. But that method is so outdated and antiquated, and history shows that using this method only breeds frustration for you the business owner.

Emailing those within social sites with your link to your business presentation, is not what's going to take you to full time income. You may find some temporary success or even a small percentage of people to follow you. But for the long term building my business in that fashion, was not going to bring me the security or freedom I was looking for.

When I provided training and service to those around me, getting my phone to ring became the norm. Social media marketing does work when we decide to give first to receive. For those who emailed me their links to their business presentation without building a relationship with me. I encourage you to consider your long term vision and make that decision today to break free. But first everything starts with your mindset plus your intention to be of more value to more people.

It works... Much Success to you
Lenai Stewart/World Changer/Goddess/Freedom Fighter...