Thursday, June 23, 2011

How to prepare for a social media thrashing

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How to prepare for a social media thrashing

The third step is to simply know the consumer. Serve as a "listener" in social conversations and respond and employ proactive social support as needed: Address issues before they grow out of control. Also, identify key brand advocates who will be there to provide invaluable support in the event of a crisis.

Secondly, marketers must generate a new social mindset within the organization -- one that's characterized by transparency, accountability, and employee empowerment. While technology is a crucial component of dealing with crisis communication, preparing processes and practices must come first.

To start, an understanding of the organization is crucial. Marketers must review the corporate culture and all external communication processes and social capabilities. Scenario planning is an extremely handy tool to initiate this process with the key question being: How to respond if a vocal customer complaint suddenly went viral?

The threat of brandjacking has made it imperative to implement the proper social tools and effective outbound communications efforts to help combat negative opinion tarnishing a brand online. With respect to effective communications, there are five critical steps for marketers to prepare for a potential brandjacking crisis.

Once these steps are achieved, form a cross-functional social crisis team that includes a social media manager, a product owner, and at least one executive sponsor. Clarify roles for each team member and create an internal collaboration space for the team. A successful social strategy must cross the boundaries of department and hierarchy because consumers expect a seamless experience.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

8 Facebook changes Marketers Need to know

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8 Facebook changes marketers need to know

Brand tagging, Deals, and user experience

Facebook Deals and social commerce
For those that have been waiting for "the year of social commerce" (we've all been hearing about it since 2008 or so), it's finally here. The launch of Facebook Deals marks Facebook's biggest -- and most notable -- social commerce endeavor. As of now, Deals is only being offered in limited markets, and while the nationwide rollout will be gradual, so was the rollout of Facebook itself (and now we're at 700 million users).

There's no such thing as "wasting time" on Facebook
I can't stress this one enough. Understanding the user experience is the most important element to any successful marketing campaign. And with Facebook changes rolling out regularly (there are a few more that have been announced recently), it's the only way to understand the complex and wonderful world that is Facebook.

Right now, we see the value of bringing Facebook to your commerce, rather than (or in addition to) bringing your commerce to Facebook. For example, many brands have sharing buttons on their websites, but they don't know how much revenue is being driven directly via social sharing. Buddy Media recently acquired social commerce company Spinback, which enables brands to answer that question.

As of now, commerce on Facebook is growing, but limited. Right now, most people are not on Facebook to shop. However, people are shopping in massive numbers on the internet, and sharing the purchases and purchase decision-making process with their social graph. According to Wired magazine, 90 percent of all purchases are subject to social influence.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Meets up groups inspiring urban entrepreneurship

You know I won't regret that I totally ignored everyone who told me that entrepreneurship didn't work. Heres proof that entrepreneurs do count in economic recovery.

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NJ hosts summit on urban entrepreneurship


06.07.11, 10:10 AM EDT

Experts on small business growth say urban entrepreneurs are crucial to the nation's economic recovery.

"An entrepreneur can truly change the fortunes of their families," said Marie Johns, deputy administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration. "We need to find them, connect with them and put them on the path to making their dreams a reality."

Newark Mayor Cory Booker, hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons and the co-founder of the travel website Priceline were among those offering advice and encouragement.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Why Marketing Hurts Your Growth and What To Do About IT

Human nature will always rule when it comes to business, Awesome post check it out when you can

Why Marketing Hurts Your Growth and What to Do About It

Where’s Your Focus?

The one thing that remains constant is people. I’m talking about you, your peers, your customers, your prospects and your partners. Yes, they might jump to the competition, but at their core they don’t really change.

peopleEveryone wants access to valuable insight, great people and recognition BEFORE they want products or services. If you can focus on the true desires of people, you’re halfway to a successful mission.

Where’s your focus? Are you focused on yourself, your products and your company? Or are you looking outward?


Why Marketing Fails

fishWe’ve been treating people like fish. We’ve been taught to simply crawl into a boat, paddle out to where the customers are, grab our reel and cast out on top of customers. Then just jiggle that bait the right way and you’ll be able to force a customer into your boat!


How to prepare for a social media thrashing

Very interesting...topic brandjacking first time I've ever heard or read about this... but have heard it verbally from others Amplify’d ...